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White gold wedding bands for her

When the time comes to purchase your wedding rings, you will quickly realise that the process is much more straightforward than the process of custom making an engagement ring.

One of the biggest decisions is which metal to go with and even this is normally dictated by the metal of your engagement ring. For example, if your engagement ring is made from platinum then a platinum wedding ring will be the right match, the reason for this is that they will wear the same as opposed to when mixing platinum and gold.

If your engagement ring is made out of 18kt white gold then you have a few options; you can mix your colours by choosing rose or yellow gold or opt for a perfect match with white gold.

Once upon a time, a classic, plain yellow gold ring was the most popular option, these days though it is white gold that most ladies are turning their heads to.

White gold is a versatile choice and suits all designs from the most classic to the non-traditional, it is also the perfect choice if you want your diamonds to dazzle with brilliance. There is only one thing that is important to remember when choosing white gold is that to maintain the bright white colour all white gold requires rhodium plating. This service is required every 12-18months depending on the wear of your ring. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a free annual service with the purchase of any engagement or wedding ring.

If you are going to follow the trend of white gold and are looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favourites from the classics to the non-traditional and to those with that extra sparkle or a splash of colour!

‘Ripples’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Darling’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Infinity Millgrain’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Stella Brilliant’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Thea’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Gypsy Pink & White’ by Larsen Jewellery

‘Trinity’ by Larsen Jewellery

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