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Can you propose without a ring?

If you decided some time ago that the time has arrived to pop the question, but you have not progressed any further than this, it might be because you are apprehensive about choosing the right ring. Are we right?

If this is the case, then rest assured, we understand! No one wants to get down on one knee and ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage only to see the, not so subtle, look of disappointment when you present the ring!

If you have been putting off choosing a ring, it is probably because you are not feeling 100% confident that you will make the right choice. And let’s be honest, us ladies can be a fussy bunch at times. Some guys, and there are plenty, feel confident that they know exactly what she wants. They may have been provided with a few helpful hints or have one of the best resources, one of her closest pals or family members who knows exactly what she wants.

But, if you don’t fall into the above category there is no need to put off the proposal any longer! There is no rulebook stating that you must propose with a ring! For those who don’t feel confident with investing a significant amount of money on a ring, they’re not sure will get the desired reaction, then there are a few ways to navigate around this obstacle.

You may wish to propose with a pseudo ring. Something unexpected, hilarious and obviously not the engagement ring is a great way to ensure there is no doubt at all. Just like when AFL star Adam Cooney proposed with a burger ring to Haylea MacCann. Or you can go with a less comical option and choose a lovely ring, that she can hold onto for sentimental value and then together you choose the engagement ring.

Another option is to propose with a loose diamond or coloured gemstone. At Larsen Jewellery we have done this on several occasions for partners who know what stone they are after but just not a 100% sure on the design. The loose gemstone is beautifully presented in a box for you to propose with and then together you go through the journey of designing the ring to house the gemstone she said yes to.


So for all these guys who have been sitting on the fence, not sure if they will make the right choice, then maybe proposing with the engagement ring is not the right thing for you! Breathe a sigh of relief and be thankful this problem has faded away and get started on planning exactly how you are going to pop the question!

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