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The Engagement Ring Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

As the summer months pass in the southern hemisphere, we suddenly realise that the new year is well and truly underway, in fact, the halfway point is almost closer than the beginning. It is also now that we can have a clear idea of what styles of engagement rings will be in, and what will not.

Here is our rundown of what we think will be some of the biggest trends of 2017:

The Fine Ring Trend

This trend has been growing over the past couple of years and we still think that it has quite some time to go before we see this fade away. There is one thing to keep in mind when opting for a fine engagement or wedding ring and that is that there is “fine” and then there is “too fine”. There is no problem in wearing an ultra-fine ring, but if you want your ring to last the distance (and perhaps one day for it to be passed down as an heirloom) then we suggest going a little thicker than some of the popular ultra-fine rings worn as fashion rings.

The Pastel Trend

 Pastels are in, there is no doubt about it. From dusky pinks and blues, mint greens to pale yellows, everyone is loving just a flicker of colour. Luckily, for those that love this look, when it comes to choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring there are plenty of pastel options on offer. Ask your jeweller about pastel gems such as sapphires, morganites and aquamarines, just to name a few.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

In recent years we have seen many stars sporting emerald cut diamond rings, such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey. An emerald cut diamond ring is a striking, clean and modern look, perfect for the sophisticated and stylish lady.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Just as the fine ring trend that has been growing in recent years, so too has the rose gold trend. People are rediscovering this metal and realising just how beautiful it looks with most skin tones. We think, in 2017, many are going to opt for this coloured alloy and start creating some truly unique pieces, combining different coloured gems such as pinks, blues and blacks and mixing metals; white and rose gold is a match made in heaven.

Interesting Cut Gems

One last trend that we think is going to become more popular this year is people opting for fancy cut diamonds. Not everyone wants a round brilliant diamond, more and more people are intrigued by what other options there are. One thing we think we are going to see more of is people adding smaller, interesting cut gems to offset their centre stone such as trilliants and trapezoids.

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