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Buying an engagement ring- How much should you spend

Having finally made the decision to pop the big question, getting prepared on all counts is the next step towards actualizing everything you have thought about. Now, what good would it do your intended fiancé or fiancée if you made all the plans without actually buying the most important item to be used as the symbol of permanence and love?

There are factors to consider before making your final choice, bearing in mind the taste of your partner (you do not want to purchase something that would have them scrunching up their nose in discomfort) and then your budget for the rock.

A recent survey that was conducted in the year 2017 using the Australian market as a point of view came to the conclusion that the average Australian spends at least $6143 on an engagement ring.

How much should you spend on your ring?

There is really no hard and fast rule on how much you should spend on an engagement ring. The absolute truth is that working with your budget most times is the way to go. Bearing in mind the taste of your partner and impeccable quality engagement ring, the average price you should be budgeting for a good ring in the Australian market is priced around $4,500 to $5,000.

To start with, bear in mind the fact that the ring is expensive has absolutely nothing to do with how much you love her. Do not be pressurized by the society or allow anyone affect you with their standards.

Budget notwithstanding, there are things you should look out for when buying a ring and it includes the following:

  • The cut: This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping for the perfect ring. It is what defines how sparkly the stones on your ring would look like. An excellently cut ring would not only be pleasant to the eyes, it would even look pricier than you bought it. In any case, you should in this case go for the best you can afford.
  • The Carat: You can save much more by dipping a little below the carat. Say for instance you wanted to buy a one carat diamond ring and you saw one that you liked but you are having second thoughts because it is a 0.98, you would actually be saving costs while sporting a little difference between the two.
  • The ring metal: You want something durable and classy in the same vein. As much as the cut and carat matters, the ring metal does too!
  • Ask around and compare prices before finally going for the one that best suits you.

For women in the younger generation, research has shown that they wouldn’t mind more expensive rings. To them, it shows more style and elegance. So bearing in mind the few tips shared above, shopping for your ring in anticipation of the big day shouldn’t pose a hard problem. Budget ready, set, go!

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