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Men’s Wedding & Dress Ring Ideas

Men’s jewellery is becoming more and more popular these days. Whether it’s the influence of Johnny Depp’s adorned fingers or other mega stars who have taken to finishing their looks with a bit of bling, there is one thing we are sure of, guys are no longer waiting for their wedding day to wear a ring for the first time.

When you hear the term dress ring what typically springs to mind are fabulous ladies gemstone ring. Not so commonly referred to though is dress rings for guys. Even though the majority of men prefer to wait until their wedding day to toy with the idea of wearing a ring, there is a percentage of the male population who caught onto the idea of jewellery for guys some time ago. Whether they wear a heirloom ring or a dress ring that defines their style, these guys over came the false idea that rings for guys are too feminine or flashy a long time ago.

Dress rings for guys come in all styles; with or without gemstones, modern and minimal or the ever popular skull and cross bones ring. No matter your style there is a ring that will reflect your personality and style.

Let’s take a look at 4 different guys and 4 styles of rings to match:

A contemporary man who appreciates design, minimal and clean to be specific, once requested that the only piece of jewellery he wished for was a wide platinum ring, not rounded but flat. Platinum is the superior of all metals, in a style like this it is clean, sophisticated and perfect for this modern man who appreciates quality and refined design but doesn’t need to make a statement with a handful of bling.

Gents Ring’s with Bling

Diamonds are not exclusive to women, just take a look at Kanye’s hands. Some guys love a bit of bling, whether it’s to make a statement or just a genuine appreciation of one of natures most amazing creations, a dress ring with a diamond is undoubtedly sophisticated and demanding of attention.

The Boho Traveller

This kind of guy is usually inspired by his travels. Throughout his journey, his style has evolved collecting sentimental pieces along the way to add to his worldly look. Indian, South American and African pieces usually made out of silver and featuring stones such as turquoise and other semi precious stones are typical of the free spirit man.

The Hipster

The hipster subculture was in full swing in the mid-2000’s and continued to spread across the globe. Guys and girls across the globe, unbeknownst to them, had been stung by the hipster bug. It often took someone to point out to them that they were, in fact, part of the hipster generation. The fact that they were suddenly sporting a serious beard, adding to their tattoo collection on a regular basis, wearing tight jeans, perhaps some stylish specs and drinking boutique whisky was not obvious enough. The other hipster giveaway is the jewellery. Hipster guys are not shy to the idea of wearing a ring or two. Hipster guys don’t mind wearing a bit of chunky silver on their fingers, pinky signet rings or the ever popular animal or skull & cross bone rings.

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